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Daniela & John | Trash the Dress


Here is a sneak peek of our latest shoot last week with Daniela and John, two wonderful people and a stunning couple. They came to Las Vegas all the way from Switzerland for a private wedding ceremony and wanted a photographer to capture some unique photos while they were in town. We  decided to do a “Trash the Dress” session the day after their wedding. The photos came out amazing and we had so much fun with it.

Check back soon for more of our latest work, and more photos from this awesome shoot!

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Kate & Matt @ JW Marriott Summerlin


Photos from Kate and Matt’s wedding at the beautiful lodge at JW Marriott in Summerlin. It was a beautiful day and they are a gorgeous couple! I had such a nice time working them both of them as well as their families. The stunning floral design by Julie Reed truly transformed the area to fit the bride and groom’s style. I loved the way everything was meticulously put together by Julie and her team.

The couple had a fantastic band performing at their outdoor reception as they danced the night away. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a grand old time!

I have yet to post photos from Kate and Matt’s engagement session at the Neon Boneyard so keep an eye out for those to be posted soon!

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Angie & Rob’s Engagement Session


Had a great time shooting Angie and Rob’s engagement session despite the cold weather and rain. I have to say, they were troopers about it and the photos look phenomenal! This time of year the light changes fast with the sun setting around 4:30 p.m. It was a challenge because we had to move quickly and there was little time to capture each shot before the light changed. I ended up using a multiple light setup towards the end of the shoot to create the desired look. The up side of gloomy weather is that we were able to create very unique, dramatic images.

Angie and Rob were laid back and so easy to work with. Rob is a poker player so we thought it would be fun to incorporate his love of poker into the shoot. It turned out to be one of my personal favorites. I always enjoy incorporating something personal about the couple during these sessions as it makes for creative and interesting engagement photos. In this case, the poker theme was perfect and helped set their shoot apart from others.

They have been putting a lot of effort into planning their April wedding at Aliante Station and I am excited about capturing the events of their wedding day next spring.

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Amanda & Trent @ Canyon Gate Country Club


Amanda and Trent tied the knot a few weeks ago on September 12, 2010. Their wedding took place at Canyon Gate Country Club – a beautiful golf course venue surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains. They exchanged vows on the balcony overlooking the golf course lake. The lighting was nice and vibrant from just about every angle and we created so many amazing photographs during just the ceremony alone.

The ceremony was followed by a relaxing cocktail hour where their guests got acquainted while the couple took a small moment for themselves. The reception was held afterward in the Grand Ballroom at Canyon Gate – an amazing glass-encased ballroom with views of Red Rock. As you can see, it’s a perfect setup for photography.

The party consisted of plenty of food, fun, and exceptional speeches from the best man and maid of honor. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Amanda and Trent are wonderful couple and definitely seem to be made for each other.

I enjoyed working with the couple and their family as well as the staff of Canyon Gate. It was truly a pleasure to be the photographer for their wedding. Amanda and Trent, thanks for sharing your day with us – we hope you enjoy your time as newlyweds!

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Featured in Las Vegas Bride magazine


Last month we were asked to shoot a promo spread for Las Vegas Bride magazine. We were thrilled to be a part of the production and had a great time working with all the other vendors involved. The photos turned out amazing and the producers at the magazine were ecstatic about our work.

Our photos have been featured as a four page spread in the October 2010 issue of Las Vegas Bride. Be sure to check out the latest issue. If you haven’t had a chance to pick one up, just visit LasVegasBride.com and register for a free copy of the magazine.

The model in the photo is Nove Izkovich, daughter of our fellow advertiser I Do Diamonds & The Perfect Princess Cut. Her hair and makeup was done by Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup of Las Vegas. The beautiful floral bouquets were provided by Flora Couture by Floral 2000 and the bridal gown was provided by Bella Bridesmaid. The photo shoot took place at Lakeside Weddings & Events, an intimate setting with beautiful views of the lake.

On the day of the scheduled shoot, the weather was cloudy and overcast. It even rained for a few minutes and we considered scheduling a reshoot. Luckily, we decided to stick it out and make it work. The goal was to capture some beautiful images using natural daylight. However, since it was overcast, we had to improvise by using a two light setup to create a soft, natural glow. Everything turned out even better than planned. Nove’s father later approached us to say how much they loved the images. We’re pretty happy with them too.

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Danielle & James Engagement: Part II


Here’s part II of James and Danielle’s fabulous engagement session. Be sure to check out their kick-ass slide show.

Originally, we had planned on shooting at the Neon Boneyard, but as it turns out, the Boneyard is closed for the summer. After discussing several options, we arranged to shoot at an old rustic town in Las Vegas. Then we ended up rescheduling because the winds picked up to about 30-40 mph, not an ideal environment for shooting out in the middle of the desert. Despite all that, everything worked out perfectly and we had an amazing time during the photo shoot as you can tell from these killer images!

When we finally met up for the shoot, the soon-to-be bride and groom were excited about getting started and game for just about anything. I was able to capture so much of their personality and attitude in addition to creating some very different, unique engagement photos – including “Escape from the Plane Crash” and “Making a New Home in the Desert”.

They put together an awesome mix CD titled “Danielle & James Greatest Hits” and used one of the engagement photos on the cover – how cool is that? The playlist consists of fun and classic tunes from artists including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Billie Holiday.

DIY Wedding Mix CD

These two are certainly a couple of characters and the kind of people we love to work with. Thanks for keeping me laughing guys. I am really looking forward to making more creative, beautiful and quirky photos at their vintage themed wedding next week.

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World Series of Poker 2010 Las Vegas


WSOP 2010 Las Vegas

Every year after shooting the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, I always feel a slight itch to play some Texas hold ‘em. Of course, I’m not big into gambling, but I’m sure it would be exciting to play against some of these poker pros. Among some well known faces were Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu, Ray Romano, Jennifer Tilly, and our friends Evelyn Ng and Amanda Musumeci from Bodog.

WSOP 2010 Las Vegas

The new trendsetters in poker have really revived the game’s popularity. Many fans are under the impression that poker is all about living the high life, since some pros have taken home six figure winnings in just one day. However, a conversation with one pro poker player told me that the stakes can be quite high. It’s not just about calling bluffs and having a good poker face – there is a bit of strategy involved. Sometimes it’s simply knowing when to quit. That said, there is a certain amount of adrenaline involved and it’s what keeps the players coming back.

WSOP 2010 Las Vegas

WSOP 2010 took place at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. As an event photographer, it was a fun event to document because the energy was high, and this year, so was the security. Normally I would have been issued an all-access media pass to photograph the players during tournaments. Unfortunately  this time the number of passes were drastically limited due to heightened  security after the poker heist in Berlin.

WSOP 2010 Las Vegas

That left me with the difficult job of trying to capture close-up shots of players from behind the ropes. It was a challenge, but it also forced me to come up with creative solutions to get the shots I needed. Most of the time it was about patience – finding the right angles and waiting for crowds of people to separate.

I enjoyed shooting the World Series of Poker this year as well as the challenges it presented. It was great meeting some of world’s top poker players. I look forward to watching the final table this November and seeing who takes the bracelet.

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Corey & Simone’s Garden Wedding


Corey and Simone are from Chicago and came to Las Vegas for an intimate wedding at the JW Marriott Resort in Summerlin. Their wedding took place in the beautiful lodge garden, one of the Marriott’s amazing private venues. It was a simple, romantic affair and every detail of the wedding was perfectly planned leaving a big impression on all of the guests.

The bride wore a stunning lace dress accented with a bouquet of purple, lavender, and orange flowers. Her bridesmaids wore elegant, modern black dresses and carried bouquets of hot pink and orange flowers which added a colorful pop to the wedding.

As the bride’s father said, Corey and Simone are lucky to have found each other. They make such a wonderful couple – it was great seeing how happy they make each other and how deeply in love they are. He is attentive and caring with a great sense of humor while she is sweet and supportive. The wedding day was really a dream come true for both of them.

The guys wanted a cool, serious group photo but had a hard time keeping straight faces. Every time they all got serious, someone would crack a joke and everyone would burst out laughing. It was hilarious! The result was a series of fun photos that showed off their true personalities.

The cake was absolutely beautiful – almost too pretty to eat!

I really had a fantastic time working with Corey and Simone as well as their friends and family. They were such a nice, friendly and relaxed group of people. Everyone was having a great time and happy to be a part of the wedding. We were glad to hear that everyone loved the photos!

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Danielle & James Engagement: Part I


What an amazing and crazy couple James and Danielle were! They contacted us earlier this year about photographing their wedding and then decided to have their engagement photos done as well. We are so glad they did because we love engagement sessions and the photos turned out phenomenal!

I can tell you that things never get boring when these two are around. They are full of energy and kept me laughing the entire time with their offbeat sense of humor. We created so many creative, interesting shots in just a few hours. Here are a few of our favorite images from the session. Stay tuned for more!

inly a couple of characters and the kind of people we love to work with. Thanks for keeping me laughing the entire time guys. I am really looking forward to creating more exciting, and quirky photos at their vintage themed wedding next month. Stay tuned for more.

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Happy 4th of July!


Here’s a quick preview of a wedding we just shot over the 4th of July weekend. Stephanie and Jason hosted a fun, relaxed event which they shared with 50 of their favorite people. We’re just glad we could be a part of it! The couple rented an Excursion limo to transport their guests and wedding party to the Las Vegas strip where we captured these colorful images. The wedding party looked stunning in their Independence Day colors.

Congratulations Stephanie and Jason – thanks for sharing your day with us. Enjoy your first holiday as a married couple!

Happy 4th of July to everyone! Have fun, and please be safe with those sparklers.

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