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Kendall & Dayton’s Engagement


Kendall and Dayton called me in March wanting to do a fun, casual engagement session. After reviewing our calendars, we scheduled the shoot for the 12th of April at one of my favorite locations, MonteLago Village at Lake Las Vegas. It’s a great place for engagement sessions because of the breathtaking view and quiet, serene setting. However, upon arrival on April 12, the village was anything but peaceful.

It seemed that the Easter bunny had just visited and over 400 kids along with their families were on a frenzied search for the eggs he had apparently laid all over the village. Not a single square inch of the property was unoccupied. Surprised and slightly disillusioned, we recouped to consider our options. You would think we might have thought twice about picking Easter Sunday for an engagement session, but it has been a while since I’ve had to worry about Easter egg hunts now that my kids think they are too old for that kind of thing.

Since we all liked the location we considered rescheduling for a later date. Another option was to change locations which I knew would be tricky since it was a particularly bright day. In the end, Kendall and Dayton were game for a location change. So we headed out to an old mining town about 30 minutes away. Well, as you can see, things worked out perfectly (with the help of a few old school lighting tricks). The rustic atmosphere led to some really nice, romantic images as well as some very cool, movie poster like stuff. On a side note, we saw lots of bunnies there too, but they didn’t seem to be laying eggs?

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