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Cabo San Lucas


Despite its Spring Break reputation, I found the town of Cabo San Lucas Mexico to still be a remarkably small and quaint Mexican fishing village ( that just happens to be a hot spot for timeshares and fisherman alike). Cabo San Lucas became a well known fishing haven around the 1930′s, back when the population was roughly around 400 and the town was only accessible only by boat, plane, or anyone willing to travel 1000 miles of rutted dirt “roads” to get there. Only since the 1970′s has Cabo become a wildly popular tourist destination, after the Mexican government created the infrastructure to turn Cabo San Lucas into one of the most attractive centers for tourism in Mexico.

Rather than staying at one of the many big, plush mega resorts or timeshare properties, we chose to stay at a small but friendly and elegant hotel in the Marina District.  We were just on the edge of the actual town itself and enjoyed the local hospitality and restaurants that the locals frequent. We also enjoyed a piece the nightlife that Cabo is well known for at Sammy Hagar’s famous Cabo Wabo club, El Squid Roe, and the lively Mango Deck beach club on Medano Beach.

But the real charm in Los Cabos Mexico was driving down the one lane highway known as “The Corridor” to San Jose del Cabo, the quieter, artsy side of Cabo and meeting some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered. We also visited the very small town of Todo Santos and took a detour along the way to discover an awesome private beach with beautiful, calm waters. After the one week trip, I learned that seven days in Mexico is not long enough.

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