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Archive for January, 2009

A different kind of engagment session


I’ve had a few clients wonder what engagement sessions are all about so I decided to post some images from one of our latest shoots. I would like to introduce Stephen and Erica, both of Las Vegas, who will be getting married at the beautiful Anthem Country Club in March. Seems they are both into mountain biking and we cooked up this idea to shoot part of there engagement session at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City. For those of you who don’t know, Bootleg may be not only one of the most difficult and hairy downhill bike parks in the country but possibly one of the most difficult parks in the world. That being said, if you can ride Bootleg, chances are you can ride just about anywhere. If you have followed my blog you know that I too am into mountain biking, so after a little time in historic downtown Boulder City, we took some killer extreme style photographs of the couple in action. What do you think? We are open to any ideas you might have for your engagement session so let us know. These are certainly not your parents’ engagement photos. (But I’m sure their photos were nice too.)

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Welcome to 2009


Every new year it seems like there are so many things to do… take down the Christmas lights, file taxes returns, dentist visits (for those like me who can only tolerate going once a year), and the big one for me – getting organized. For the past week or so I have been working on re-organizing photos from last year’s weddings. Going through the old photos reminded me of all the wonderful people and moments I have had the honor of capturing. It’s amazing that you don’t quite realize how many things you’ve done until you’ve taken a moment to look back. Thank goodness for photos! I would like to say thanks to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I look forward to meeting and working with many new people in the coming year. I wish everyone all the best in 2009. But for now, here’s one of my favorites from 2008.

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