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San Juan Island


As a continuation of the previous post, I wanted to share some photos from my visit to San Juan Island, one of several islands that make up the San Juan Islands. The island is only accessible by boat or air and seems to be one of Seattle’s well-kept secrets. Our tour book only briefly mentioned it and the hotel guide didn’t mention it at all. In fact, I learned about it only after chatting with a local resident while watching fish throwers downtown at the Pike Place Market.

The island is known for its Orca whale sightings as well as its breathtaking scenery. We took the Washington State Ferry to Friday Harbor, a small fishing village that greeted us with its quiet charm. Instantly we recognized the island’s appeal and natural beauty. It’s no wonder the residents want to keep this place a secret. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any Orca, but we did spend a few relaxing and peaceful hours on the island before taking a ferry back to downtown Seattle.

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