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The Road to Santa Monica


Back in June I mentioned that I was getting the urge to take a 4-hour road trip from Las Vegas to the coast. Well, a recent seminar in Pasadena gave me the perfect excuse to take the drive and spend a few days at the beach. If you’ve been to Santa Monica before than you probably know that it’s a great place to bring the [mountain] bikes, which I did.

Mountain biking is about the leg work. For every 15 minutes I spend on the trail, I probably spend an hour working the roadways trying to build my endurance. Of course, some roadwork is more intense than others. I spent two grueling days in and around Santa Monica riding the beach trails from the pier down to Venice Beach and back, then on the streets and alleys of the SM Promenade in some challenging urban settings, over 6 inch curbage while dodging  pedestrians and taxi’s.

Ok, seriously, cruising around in perfect SoCal weather by the ocean is something I’d love to do everyday (and as a matter of fact, something I’m looking into). It’s so relaxing and nice to be able to leave the car keys back at the room and avoid street traffic as much as possible. Biking is also a great way to really get a feel for an area since there is a lot you can miss in a car. One of these days, a trip to the coast might just become permanent.

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